How to Access Wireless Hot Spots on the Wii

by Kirk Bennet

If you have a Wii, Nintendo's fifth generation of home consoles, you can play dozens of games in solo mode. You can also play many of the games in the more interesting multiplayer mode, competing against online gamers from all over the world. To connect a Nintendo Wii to the Internet, you must have a wireless hot spot in or near your home. By default, the Nintendo Wii can connect and access hot spots, just like a laptop.

Turn on the Nintendo Wii and press the "A" button on the remote to open the menu.

Select the "Wii" button using the remote.

Select "Wii Settings" to navigate to the Wii Settings menu.

Navigate to page two by selecting the arrow at the right.

Select "Internet" and then select "Connection Settings" to navigate to the Connection Settings menu.

Select the "Connection 1," "Connection 2" or "Connection 3" option. You can add up to three different connections.

Select "Wireless Connection" and choose the "Search for an Access Point" option to start searching for the wireless hot spot.

Select "OK" and then select your wireless hot spot. Type the password to the wireless network, if required, and select "OK."

Select "OK" followed by "Save Settings" to save the new wireless connection and perform a connection test.

Select "Yes" to perform a Wii system update. The Wii connects to the wireless hot spot automatically.


  • If you see an "Error Code 51330" or "Error Code 52130" error, the password to the network connection is incorrect.

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