The Best Accessories for Android Tablets

by Spanner Spencer

Android-powered tablets can be fully operated through their touchscreens and motion sensing features. But the addition of accessories can improve your productivity, make the device's operation easier and enhance the functions you can perform with it. Tablets are also vulnerable to damage, and choosing the right accessories can help you to protect it and keep it in good working order.


A transparent, adhesive screen protector does not interfere with the appearance or operation of a touchscreen, but helps to prevent it from scratches, dust and fingerprints. Screen protectors are typically designed to fit specific devices, but are inexpensive and highly recommended. A suitable case or cover is also essential for protecting the tablet -- especially the screen -- whenever the device is not in use. Some bags and backpacks are available with specific tablet pouches built into them.


Although you can type on an Android tablet using its onscreen keyboard, external keyboards are available that make the task much easier. Wireless keyboards connect to your Android tablet via a Bluetooth link, while other types work through a USB cable on tablets that support wired devices. A stylus also allows you to improve your user input accuracy by providing you with a pen-like device for tapping buttons and entering handwriting into compatible apps.

Multimedia and Communication

Android tablets are equipped with excellent multimedia playback options, and more can be added through the use of video and music apps. External speakers further improve a tablet's multimedia operations by improving the sound while watching a video or listening to music. Headphones provide significantly higher quality audio while allowing you to watch or listen privately. Both wired and Bluetooth headsets are available that include a microphone and remote control buttons, and can be used to make private voice and video calls over the Internet.


Keeping your Android tablet charged while out an about extends its usefulness considerably. A charger for your car is a great way to top up the tablet's battery, as is a travel charger that allows you to connect to power outlets anywhere in the world. External battery chargers are available that provide additional power in emergencies or when a power outlet is unavailable. Some external batteries also include solar chargers, allowing you to harness free, renewable energy for powering your tablet.

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