How to Add Dogpile to Your Firefox Search Bar

by Kefa Olang

The Firefox search bar comes pre-loaded with a number of search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Amazon and eBay, which enable you to find your favorite content no matter where you are on the Web. Because Dogpile is not among the preloaded search engines, you have to add it manually if you prefer its search services to other search engines.

Launch Firefox and click the drop-down arrow on the search bar located on the top right corner on your web browser. Scroll down the pop-up menu and click "Manage Search Engines" to launch the "Manage Search Engines List" window.

Click the "Get more search engines" link. Firefox launches a new Web page that displays a number of search engines that you can add to the search bar.

Type "Dogpile" in the search box and press "Enter." Click the "Add to Firefox" button that is next to the Dogpile search engine. Click "Add" on the confirmation dialog box. Firefox adds Dogpile to the search bar.

Click the drop-down arrow on the search bar again. Scroll down the menu and click "Dogpile" to make it your default search engine.

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