How to Add a Laptop to a Wireless Modem Router

by C. Taylor

A wireless modem router combines a broadband-receiving modem and a networking router into one device to create a wireless network. Add your Wi-Fi enabled laptop to your router's network through Windows and configure it to automatically connect each time you are within range. However, if you have configured your modem router to conceal your network's service set identifier, or SSID, name you may have to delve into the connection's properties to enable automatic connection.

Notification Area

Click the network icon, which is located in the notification area of the Windows taskbar to display a list of available networks.

Click the name of your wireless home network. If you are unsure of the name, look at the signal strength -- the closest network should have the strongest signal as indicated by a greater number of signal bars. If you have configured your wireless modem router to conceal your network's SSID name, it lists as "Other."

Check "Connect Automatically" to enable your laptop to automatically connect to the network when you are in range.

Click "Connect."

Enter your network's SSID name and press "Enter" if your network is using a concealed SSID name. If your network's SSID name is not concealed, skip this step.

Enter your network's security passphrase and press "Enter" to connect to the network. If your network is not secured, skip this step.

Manual Connection

Click "Start | Control Panel | Network and Internet | Network and Sharing Center | Manage Wireless Networks."

Click "Add" and select "Manually Create a Network Profile." You can also right-click an existing profile and select "Properties" to manually edit its properties.

Enter your network SSID name, security type, encryption type and security key. The security type and encryption key is the same selected in your modem router. For optimal security on a modern network, this should be "WPA2-Personal" and "AES," respectively.

Check "Start This Connection Automatically" and "Connect Even if the Network is Not Broadcasting."

Click "Next" and then "Close."


  • Enable network security to prevent unauthorized access. Doing so also prevents hackers from intercepting and reading data you transmit through your home network.

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