How to Add Locations to My Garmin

by Benjamin Aries

Garmin is a popular brand of vehicle GPS system. These devices feature interactive touchscreen displays and allow owners to easily navigate to an address or point of interest. Locations can also be saved on a Garmin. This permits a user to quickly access addresses that are frequently needed, such as a home, office or friend's house. The touchscreen on a Garmin GPS makes this feature easy to set up. Owners can quickly add and edit the list of favorites using a few simple menus.

Set Home Location

Press the power button to turn on the GPS device. Tap the "Where To" icon on the main screen.

Press "Go Home." Choose one of the three options from the list: "Enter My Address," "Use My Current Location" or "Recently Found."

Use the onscreen keyboard to enter the address for the home location when prompted. Alternately, select a location when the "Recently Found" list appears. If you selected "Use My Current Location" in the previous step, the GPS will automatically detect your current position. Press "Done" when ready.

Navigate to the home location at any time by pressing "Where To" and then "Go Home."

Add Favorite Locations

Press the triangle vehicle icon, located on the main map view. Enter a name for the location, and press "Save." The current location will be added to the list of favorites.

Add a specific address to the favorites list, if desired. Tap the "Where To" option on the main screen. Choose "Address."

Enter the desired address with the keyboard. Press "Done." The map screen will appear. Tap the box-shaped menu icon. Choose "Save" and press "Okay."

Access the list of favorite locations. On the main menu, press "Where To." Select "Favorites" and choose one of the saved locations.

Set Current Location

Tell the GPS your current position if it is unable to receive a satellite signal. This allows the unit to plan and simulate a route, even when indoors. Press "Tools" from the main menu.

Choose "Settings" and then "System." Tap "GPS Simulator," and choose the "On" option.

Return to the main menu and press "Where To." Press "Browse Map." Pan the map until the desired location is visible. Touch the exact map location to set, and press the box-shaped menu icon. Press "Set Location."


  • It is easy to edit a favorite if a mistake is made. Press "Where To" and choose "Favorites." Select the desired category, and tap the listed favorite. Tap the information box and press "Edit." Make any necessary changes using the keyboard, then press "Done."

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