How to Add My Music URL to Myspace

by Brandy Alexander

A URL is a web site address that takes visitors to another page on the Internet when clicked. This page may contain a direct link to a music file that plays the song upon page load. With your own URL, consider displaying this hyperlink (link) on your MySpace page to give people an easy way to access your work and to promote your music to a much wider audience. Using a line of HTML, add your own music URL to MySpace.

Working in MySpace

Log in to your MySpace account and click the "Edit Profile" link under the "Profile" menu.

Select a section, such as "Who I'd Like to Meet," and scroll to the area where you want your music link to appear.

Enter the "<a>" anchor code followed by your URL address as follows: <a href="">

Type in the desired link text, such as the name of song, to prompt the visitor to click on it. For example: <a href="">Name of Song

Enter a closing "</a>" anchor tag to complete the URL. The complete code line looks as follows: <a href="">Name of Song</a>

Click the "Save Changes" button.


  • If you are a musician, you can create a MySpace music profile to promote your work (see Resources).

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