How to Add a New Network in iPhone Using Wi-Fi

by C. Taylor

Apple's iPhone allows network connectivity through your cellular carrier's data plan or a local Wi-Fi network. Using Wi-Fi preserves your data plan's bandwidth and reduces data charges. Apple made connecting to a Wi-Fi network a three-tap process, but that simplicity assumes the network's SSID name is being broadcast. If the network is closed or private, the name is not broadcast, and it does not appear in the network list. You must manually configure the connection.

Tap "Settings" from your iPhone's home screen and tap "Wi-Fi."

Tap the "On/Off" slider in the top Wi-Fi section to turn on the Wi-Fi feature.

Tap "Other..." at the bottom of the list of networks.

Enter your Wi-Fi network's SSID name in the Name field.

Tap "Security" and select the appropriate security protocol. Most modern networks use WPA2, but some still use WPA, WEP or none at all. Business or university networks may also use WPA2 Enterprise or WPA Enterprise. If you are unsure which security protocol to use, contact your network administrator, consult your wireless router's setup program or systematically try each option until you successfully connect.

Tap "Other Network" and enter your network password and username.

Tap "Join" to add and join the new network.


  • If you are unable to connect, verify you have the correct SSID name, security protocol and password. If you still cannot connect, toggle the Wi-Fi off and on again or restart your iPhone.

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