How to Add Real Player to Internet Explorer

by David Wayne

The RealPlayer plugin for Internet Explorer enables you to download videos from user-generated content websites, such as YouTube, MetaCafe and Facebook. The plugin is automatically added to Internet Explorer when you install RealPlayer or RealDownloader, although you may need to enable it in the Tools menu.

Installing RealPlayer

Visit the Real site to download the latest version of RealPlayer or RealDownloader (links in Resources). Install the software and launch Internet Explorer. Visit a website that hosts user-generated content and navigate to a video page. Usually, installing RealPlayer or RealDownloader automatically enables the plugin, and compatibale Web video players display a Download This Video button along the border. If the button is not displayed, the video player may be incompatible or the plugin may be disabled.

Managing Internet Explorer Add-ons

Click the “Gear” icon and choose “Manage Add-ons.” A list of all plugins installed in Internet Explorer is displayed, and the RealPlayer plugin is called “RealNetworks Download and Record Plugin for Internet Explorer.” Select this item and click “Enable” if it isn't already enabled. Restart Internet Explorer to apply the changes, then try to download the video again. If the plugin is enabled and you're still unable to download the video, it may be incompatible with the plugin.

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