How to Add Songs to an iPod From Another Computer

by Jared Huizenga

The first iPod hit the market in the fall of 2001. Since then, Apple's portable music player has made it easy for its users to bring hundreds--if not thousands--of their favorite songs with them wherever they go. To fill your iPod will take a large music collection of your own or for friends with songs you want. As long as your iPod is set up correctly, you can add music from any computer that has iTunes to help fill up any extra space you have.

Setting Your iPod up for Manual Syncing

Connect your iPod to your computer with the dock connector to USB cable that comes with your iPod. iTunes should open automatically when your iPod is connected to your computer. If it doesn't, open iTunes manually.

Click on the iPod icon, which will appear in the device list--located on the left-hand side of the iTunes interace--when your computer recognizes that your iPod is connected to it.

Click the "Manually manage music and videos" box in the main iTunes window. This option sets your iPod up so that you have full control over what music is added to your iPod.

Click the "Apply" button to finish setting your iPod up for manual syncing.

Adding Songs to Your iPod From Another Computer

Connect your iPod to the computer with the dock connector to USB cable that comes with your iPod.

Open iTunes on the computer if it doesn't open automatically when your iPod is connected to the computer. When the computer begins reading your iPod, an iPod icon will appear in the "device list," which is located on the left side of iTunes below "Library."

Click on "Music" below the "Library" option in the menu list on the left side of iTunes. Click on "Music" will display all of the music in the iTunes library in the main window of the iTunes interface.

Highlight the song you want on your iPod. Add multiple songs by holding down the "Command" key on a Mac or the "Ctrl" key on a PC and clicking on more songs.

Drag the songs to the iPod icon in the device list. Release the mouse when the icon turns blue to add the songs to your iPod.


  • Your iPod will be formatted for either a Mac or a PC. In order to add songs from another computer, it must be the same kind of computer.


  • If you don't set your iPod up for manual adding it will automatically sync when it's connected to another computer. Automatic syncing will erase all of the music that's currently on your iPod.

Items you will need

  • Multiple computers
  • iTunes 9 or newer
  • Dock connector to USB cable (supplied with iPod)

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