How to Adjust Screen Brightness on a MacBook

by Catherine Hewson

The Apple MacBook comes with a variety of changeable settings so that the user can adjust the computer to her liking. Many users may find it necessary to adjust the screen brightness of the MacBook, either because the computer is too bright or too dim. Adjusting the screen brightness can also help to increase the computer's battery life. Adjusting the screen brightness requires going into the "Display" settings.

Click the Apple button on the top menu.

Click the "System Preferences" option under the Apple icon.

Click the "Displays" icon under the Mac's System Preferences folder.

Click the "Display" tab under "Displays" and then move the slider for Brightness to the left to make the screen dimmer. Move it to the right to make the screen brighter.

Click "X" button to save your new screen brightness.


  • Some MacBooks allow you to adjust the screen brightness by pressing a button on the keyboard. If your MacBook has these keys, you can press the "F1" button to make the screen dimmer or the "F2" button to make it brighter.


  • Note that the brighter your screen is, the more power your MacBook requires, so a brighter screen may reduce battery life.

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