Do Android Tablets Have Texting for Free?

by Chad Davis

Many Android tablet users may desire the ability to send free text messages (SMS) using their devices. For tablets without wireless carrier service this can prove to be quite a challenge -- especially while traveling. Luckily, there are many different applications available for Android devices that offer free SMS functionality. By creating a unique phone number these apps give Android tablets the ability to send and receive SMS for free.


TextPlus was founded by Scott Lahman with the intention of saving travelers money on texting and calling using mobile devices. TextPlus offers unlimited texting to the U.S. and Canada with a free TextPlus phone number which can be used on more than one device such as an Android tablet. TextPlus connects via Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G networks, making it very easy to stay connected. TextPlus integrates with the phone's address book allowing texts to be sent to any contact's phone number.


Enflick Incorporated developed their TextNow application to provide users with the ability to send and receive unlimited text messages for free. After registering with TextNow, you are given a dedicated phone number. You can use your unique phone number for sending and receiving free SMS. The number also supports receiving free voice calls on any device. One feature that really sets TextNow apart from the rest is the ability to send, receive and manage text messages via its website. TextNow automatically synchronizes messages between devices and makes them available online.


TextFree gives Android users SMS and multimedia messaging (MMS) communication with over 35 countries. TextFree is great for travelers wishing to stay in contact with friends and family for free. TextFree also integrates with Facebook Chat making it easier to stay in touch with friends from all over the world. When combined with Pinger, TextFree can be an excellent resource for free communication.


Pinger is very useful Android app that supports text messaging and voice calling. According to Greg Woock, the co-founder and chief executive officer of Pinger, Pinger gives Android tablets the "ability to make texting and calling free to any phone number." TextFree, Pinger's original product developed for free texting, can fully integrate with the Pinger app on any device. A Pinger user gets a given a local phone number that can be used for text messaging or calling services on the device. SMS and voice calls may be sent and received using the unique Pinger number.

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