What Is Annotations Backup on Kindle?

by Matt Skaggs
Synchronization makes it easy for you to continue reading on multiple devices.

Synchronization makes it easy for you to continue reading on multiple devices.

Amazon's Kindle service is available in many forms, including the Kindle Fire HD and software for PCs and mobile devices. Reading a Kindle book or other document on multiple devices would be very tedious if you were unable to synchronize your progress, since you'd have to manually find your place on each device. This synchronization feature includes your reading progress as well as notes you've made in documents through the Annotations Backup feature.


Whispersync is Amazon's synchronization feature for Kindle, allowing you to maintain document information using any Kindle device or app that's logged into your Amazon account. This works for Kindle e-readers, Kindle for PC software and mobile device Kindle apps. Whispersync saves your data to Amazon's servers, so any device connected to those servers can synchronize itself with that data. The features that are synchronized include the furthest page you've read in your documents as well as annotations in your documents. Annotations include all notes, highlights and bookmarks that you've added. With Whispersync, you're able to pick up where you left off using multiple Kindle device as long as you have an Internet connection on those devices.

Annotations Backup

The Annotations Backup feature controls whether or not the Kindle e-reader or other Kindle software you're using will back up your annotations or not. If you disable this feature, then any annotations you make will be saved to the device you made them on, but they will not be synchronized to other devices. Toggling this specific setting is not available for all Kindle e-readers or software: the Kindle Fire does not have this feature, and the Android Kindle app also does not.

Kindle Devices

Kindle devices earlier than the Kindle Fire have the option to disable Annotations Backup specifically while still maintaining other Whispersync features. The Kindle Fire automatically enables this setting as long as Whispersync is enabled. In earlier devices you can access the "Settings" menu, where the option to enable or disable Annotations Backup is listed. You can enable or disable Whispersync for all Kindle devices and software at the Manage Your Kindle page at Amazon's website.

Other Devices

You can enable or disable Annotations Backup in the Kindle for PC software. To change this setting, you need to click the "Tools" drop-down menu and click "Options," then "Annotations" and finally the check box below "Annotations Backup." Devices with iOS, such as the iPad and iPhone, also allow you to enable or disable Annotations Backup. This is available in the Kindle app by tapping the "i" icon in the lower-right corner of the Home screen, then tapping "Settings" and then the "Annotations Backup" option.

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