The Best Anti-virus Program for Malware & Bots

by Heather Wilkins
Protect your computer from Internet threats with an excellent security suite.

Protect your computer from Internet threats with an excellent security suite.

Viruses and spyware are grouped under the broader term "malware," a term referring to malicious software. A bot differs from malware because it is an automated computer program that gives control of your computer to someone else. No security suite is going to be the best at protecting against every sort of attack. Each security suite has its strengths and weaknesses, but Bitdefender Internet Security scored well in independent testing.


Viruses are computer programs that replicate in your computer and may damage files on it. Spyware programs may generate pop-ups, redirect your browser or monitor your computer use. Both viruses and spyware require that you click on, download something or visit a harmful website to infect your computer. Bitdefender placed first in AV-Comparatives' real-world tests against malware. These tests evaluate the software in real-world conditions so you know how well it will protect you against known and brand-new malware. Bitdefender returns few false positives, running at a high level of reliability. PCMag showed that Bitdefender detected 89 percent of the malware in its tests. Bitdefender placed second in AV-Test's real-world tests. A Secure Life rated Bitdefender first for the ability to block malware from comprehensive sources: the Internet, e-mail, IM or social media.

File Detection and Removal

If malware does get on your computer, the security program needs to be able to find it before it can remove or quarantine it. Bitdefender placed third in detecting malicious files in AV-Comparatives' tests, but first in removing it. AV-Test rated it first in detecting and removing bad files, well ahead of the competition. PCMag reports that it removed 87 percent of the malware threats in its test. A Secure Life rated Bitdefender as best in repairing infections.


Bots allow your computer to be controlled by one or many other computers. Those controlling your computer can use it to access your personal information, distribute viruses and spam or disrupt other networks. None of the independent tests report testing for blocking, detecting or removing bots.


The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team says that running and maintaining a good anti-virus program and a good firewall are important in protecting against bots. Bitdefender Internet Security includes a firewall as part of the security suite. PCMag reports that it blocked the majority of incoming exploits, and no exploit succeeded in actually getting into the computer. In conjunction with your operating system's firewall, it can seal off your computer from attempts to install bots.

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