How to Take Apart and Put Together an OtterBox Defender Case for iPhone

by David Lipscomb
OtterBox cases are primarily used for smart phones such as iPhones and Androids.

OtterBox cases are primarily used for smart phones such as iPhones and Androids.

The Otterbox Defender iPhone case is a rugged and durable shell, protecting the phone's glass surfaces from impact. The case consists of multiple pieces that fit together to provide shock absorption and a solid grip for your iPhone. Correct assembly and disassembly of the case is required to ensure proper fit and protection.

Release the case from the belt clip by pressing back on the side release clip. Separate the two halves.

Slide your finger under the edge of the rubber bumper surrounding the plastic shell. Gently peel off the bumper.

Release the three clips around the perimeter of the case with your thumb. Pull the two halves apart.

Place the bottom edge of the iPhone into the back of the shell. The screen faces through the transparent film.

Snap the back of the case on, starting with the bottom edge. Gently press around the perimeter of the case to re-engage the three retention clips.

Slide the bottom third of the iPhone into the rubber bumper. Carefully wrap the rubber surround around the plastic case, fitting the grooves and port covers into place.

Snap the case back into the holster, screen side facing in. Remove the belt clip if desired by pulling the release tab out.


  • The holster doubles as a stand. Rotate the belt clip to the angle you want and then pull out at the base of the clip.


  • The silicone port covers make the encased iPhone splash resistant but not waterproof.

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