How to Get Apps on Your Motorola Blur Android

by Andrew Tennyson

Motorola Blur, or Motoblur, is a user interface designed by Motorola for use on many of the company’s phones that run the Google Android operating system. Although the onscreen appearance of Motoblur devices is unique, much of the basic functionality is identical to that of other Android devices. To get apps, download and install them via the Google Play Store just as you would on other Android smartphones and tablets.

Tap the “Play Store” icon on the Home screen of your Motorola Android device.

Tap the “Apps" link.

Browse through the available apps or use the search tool to locate the app you want to install.

Tap your desired app to launch its details page. The details page displays information both about the app and its developer.

Tap the “Download” button to begin the download process if it is a free app; tap the app’s price to begin the download process if it is a paid app.

Tap “Accept & Download” to accept the free app’s permissions and launch the automated installation; if the app is paid, sign in to your Google Wallet account, enter your payment details, and then tap “Accept & Buy” to agree to the application’s permissions and launch the automated installation.

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