How to Block Ads on Web Pages

by J.S. Copper

Spend five to ten minutes browsing around the Internet and you're sure to come across a least a handful of advertisements that interrupt your workflow, completely taking over your browser's window and automatically running sound or video. Luckily, a browser from the Mozilla corporation has allowed users to create extensions to improve the browsing experience, and the development community has come up with some great add-ons to prevent these annoyances.

Download, install and launch the free Firefox web browser from Mozilla. See Resources for a link.

Navigate to the Firefox Add-ons page to browse for extensions. Firefox allows you to customize your browser experience with user-developed extensions. See Resources for a link.

Search for "Adblock Plus" within the Firefox extensions. The file you are looking for is created by Wladimir Palant and associated with

When on the Adblock Plus Add-on page, select "Install Now." The install option will only appear if you are viewing the page from within Firefox. All other browsers will be presented with a Download option. Confirm the installation of the extension.

Exit and reopen Firefox. Adblock Plus will now be installed on your system and most ads should be blocked from the websites you visit. You can add additional elements to block via the Adblock preferences accessed via the toolbar icon.


  • When searching for the Adblock extension you may come across numerous other extensions offering similar functionality. Choose the Adblocking service that will best suit your needs. The installation process will be the same.
  • Additionally, most modern browsers have built-in functionality to prevent pop-up advertisements. If this isn't turned on by default, you can check the preferences.


  • Many free online services are only able to survive based on ad revenue. Use Adblock only to block the annoying, unethical ads.

Items you will need

  • Firefox
  • Adblock Plus

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