How to Block Your Caller ID on the iPhone

by Kammy Pow

Caller ID is the telephone feature that identifies a caller before you answer the call. It displays the caller's unblocked telephone number and name if it is stored in the iPhone's memory. While the default value of Caller ID is always "On," there may come a time when a caller wants to hide her number from a recipient's Caller ID, such as when making an anonymous call or the caller wants to go directly to the recipient's voicemail. For Caller ID to function properly, the recipient's phone must be able to handle the feature.

Tap the "Settings" icon on the Home screen.

Scroll down the Settings window and tap on "Phone." Then tap the arrow next to "Show My Caller ID."

Slide the "Show My Caller ID" switch from the "On" position to the "Off" position.

Press the Home button to exit the "Settings" dialog and return to your application screens.


  • According to the iPhone User Guide, your phone number will always be displayed on a FaceTime call even if the call blocking features have been turned on.
  • Also, Caller ID can be turned off for single calls with CDMA by entering "*67" before dialing the number.

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