How to Block a Caller on a Samsung Freeform

by Maya Walker

The Samsung Freeform has a built-in security feature to help you avoid calls from unwanted callers. By activating the feature, you ensure the only calls you receive are from contacts stored within your phone's address book. When a contact that is not included in your address book calls you, your phone never rings. A notification is displayed on your phone with the number of the missed caller.

Press “Menu” on your Samsung Freefrom while it is in a standby mode.

Click “Settings,” then “Security” to view the options to manage your phone's voice privacy and restrictions.

Click “Restrictions.” Enter your phone's four-digit lock code. By default, the code is set to the last four-digits of your 10-digit mobile number.

Click “Incoming” to view choices for your incoming calls.

Check “Allow Only from Your Contacts.” Click “OK” to save your new settings.


  • Add the contact information you do not want to miss to your phone's address book to avoid having their call blocked.

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