How to Block Incoming Calls on Your Samsung Cell Phone

by Benjamin Aries

Most phones produced by Samsung have the capability of blocking all incoming calls or rejecting specific callers. This option is useful for users who receive harassing phone calls or simply do not want to speak to a particular contact. Some Samsung phones reject a blocked call completely. Other phone models forward the incoming call to voicemail. In both cases, the call blocking settings can be easily set from the Samsung's Settings menu.

Block All Calls

Press the "Menu" key while the home screen is visible. Choose "Settings."

Select "Call" and then choose "Call Rejection."

Choose "Auto Reject Mode." Press "All Numbers." Any incoming call will now be rejected.

Block Specific Callers

Select "Contacts" from the main screen.

Choose either "Logs" or "Contacts." Browse the list of people and select the contact to block.

Select "Add to Blacklist." The selected caller will now be rejected.


  • You can also remove contacts from the blacklist. Choose "Settings," select "Call" and then "Call Rejection." Press "Blacklist." Clear the check box next to a listed contact to remove it from the blacklist.


  • Many Samsung phones use the same steps, but some phone models have slightly different procedures. Look for wording similar to "Reject List" or "Blacklist" in the "Call Settings" option menu. For additional details, consult the user manual for the specific phone.

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