How to Block a Phone Number With AT&T

by Kammy Pow

Call blocking for AT&T customers is available as an added feature to both residential and wireless service plans. You must purchase the AT&T Smart Limits for Wireless feature for each line that uses call blocking. Under this plan, call blocking can apply to 30 known telephone numbers, all of which you can manage online. Residential service users who wish to enable call blocking must add the AT&T Complete Choice Enhanced feature for a monthly charge. Residential users must then manage the list of up to 10 blocked numbers using a land line.

Block a Phone Number on AT&T Wireless Devices

Log in to your AT&T account using online account management to verify service availability in your area.

Select the "Change services" link from the "I want to" drop-down list.

Select the telephone number on which to add call blocking if there is more than one line on the account. Scroll down to the "Smart Solutions" section and place a check in the box for "Smart Limits for Wireless Parental Controls." Click "Next."

Set an effective start date on the "Features Select Effective/Expiration Date" page and click "Next."

Review the features you have added and click "Submit." This takes you to a confirmation page.

Go to the "Smart Limits for Wireless" link on the account management page and select "Blocked Numbers" under the controls that correspond to your wireless number.

Enter the telephone number with area code in the "Add New Phone Number" field and click the "Submit" button.

Continue adding additional numbers on the "Smart Limits" page or click "Log Out" to exit the program.

Block a Phone Numer on AT&T Residential Land Lines

Verify that you have the "AT&T Complete Choice Enhanced" package on the account on the "Manage Account" page. If you do not have the plan, add it by selecting "Add or Change Services" under the "Manage Services" section and following the on-screen instructions.

Type "*60" when you hear the dial tone. Listen to the announcement about the call screening list.

Press the "#" key and listen for three confirmation tones.

Add the phone number with its area code to the list. Press the "#" key to complete the changes. A recorded message indicates which numbers are currently blocked. Replace the handset when changes are complete.


  • To turn on anonymous call blocking on a residential line, press "*77" and press "*87" to turn off the anonymous call blocking feature.
  • You can add call blocking for "411" calls using Smart Limits for Wireless.


  • AT&T; Smart Limits for Wireless affects only private and individual wireless lines. The features are not available for corporate-liable devices or for prepaid devices. This feature also does not block incoming anonymous or unknown calls.
  • AT&T;'s Complete Choice Enhanced does not block long distance calls or 800-numbers.
  • Complete Choice Enhanced is not available in all areas.

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