How to Block Unwanted Calls Through Verizon Wireless

by Benjamin Aries

Verizon Wireless is one of the most popular providers of cell phone service in the United States. There are over 94 million Verizon customers, according to the company's website. One of the many features available to Verizon users is privacy control. This enables cell phone users to block incoming calls and text messages from specific numbers. If you are receiving unwanted phone calls, you can log in to the "My Verizon" site and enable this capability for no charge.

Access the "My Verizon" website (see Resources). Click the "Register" button and fill in the requested information, if you have not previously created an online account. Enter your My Verizon username and password and click "Sign In."

Click the "Call and Message Blocking" section, located on the "My Verizon" page.

Enter the phone number you would like to block. Remember to include the area code prefix. Click the "Apply" button when ready.


  • A permanent blocking feature is also available from Verizon for a monthly fee. This allows users to control incoming calls for all phones on their account. Access the "Verizon Usage Controls" link in the "Resources" section or contact your Verizon Wireless provider to activate this service.


  • A phone number will remain blocked for only 90 days. After this time, you must log in and re-enter the number. The amount of blocked numbers is limited to five.

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