How to Block a Website from Your Computer Using Norton

by Ruri Ranbe

Norton Internet Security uses Smart Firewall to manage incoming and outgoing traffic on a PC. You can create general and program rules in Smart Firewall to enable or disable access to certain applications or allow or block specific domains. To prevent users from accessing a particular website on the computer, run the Add Rule Wizard in NIS.

Open NIS. Click "Settings," click "Network" and choose "Smart Firewall" from the left pane.

Select "Configure" next to Advanced Settings and then select "Configure" next to General Rules.

Click "Add" to launch the Add Rule Wizard. Choose "Block" from the options and then click "Next."

Select "Connections to and from Other Computers" and then click "Next." Click "Only the Computers and Sites Listed Below."

Click "Add" and then select "Individually." Enter the address of the domain to block into the available field, click "OK" and then click "Next."

Select "TCP" as the protocol, select "All Types of Communication (All Ports, Local and Remote)" from the options and then click "Next."

Check "Create a Security History Log Entry," if preferred, to create an entry in the firewall log whenever a user attempts to access the website.

Check "Apply This Rule" and then click "Next." Create a name for the new rule and then click "Next."

Review your selections on the summary screen, then click "Finish" and "OK" to confirm.

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