How to Bookmark Pages on the iPad

by David Weedmark

Bookmarking Web pages on an Apple iPad works much the same way as bookmarking them on your computer. You can edit the names, organize them in folders and access them anytime you need them in Safari. The iPad also has a Reading List, which is a fast way to bookmark pages you want to save for later, but not necessarily save forever. Pages in your reading list are presented as thumbnails with short descriptions. Once you've read a page on your reading list, a quick swipe deletes it.

Bookmarking Pages

Launch Safari on the iPad by tapping the "Safari" icon on the bottom of the iPad home screen.

Navigate to the page you want to bookmark and then tap the "Send" icon at the bottom of the screen. The icon looks like an arrow leaving a page.

Select "Add Bookmark" from the menu options. The Add Bookmark editor opens. Note that the cursor is already on the Name text field and the onscreen keyboard is open.

Edit the "Name" text field as needed to make the bookmark name something you will immediately recognize. Some bookmarks won't need editing. For example, simply uses "RadioShack" as the name. Other websites sometimes include long descriptions as the bookmark name, which you will probably want to shorten.

Tap the "Bookmarks" menu if you don't want to save the bookmark in the default folder. You can then tap any folder. For example, you may want to save news websites in the "News" folder. Tap "Done." The bookmark is saved to the designated folder.

Editing Bookmarks and Bookmark Folders

Launch Safari on the iPad and tap the "Bookmark" icon at the bottom of the screen. The icon looks like an open book.

Tap the "Edit" button at the bottom of the screen.

Tap the red circle beside any bookmark you no longer need and then tap the "Delete" button that appears beneath it.

Tap the "New Folder" button to make a new folder. Type a name for the folder on the onscreen keyboard. If you want to create a sub-folder, tap the "Bookmarks" menu and select the folder in which you want to place the new folder. Tap "Done."

Using iPad's Reading List

Tap the "Send" button on the bottom of any Web page in Safari you want to read later.

Tap the "Add to Reading List" button. The page is automatically saved to your reading list without giving you editing options.

Tap the "Bookmarks" icon at the bottom of the Safari screen when you have time to read the page that you saved. Tap "Reading List."

Tap "All" to see all of the pages saved to your reading list or "Unread" to see only the ones you haven't read yet. Tap the page you want to read to open it in Safari.

Delete any page from the reading list by swiping it to the right with your finger and then tapping the "Delete" button.


  • Remember, you can back up your bookmarks in iCloud. To save bookmarks in iCloud, tap the iPad "Settings" icon and select "iCloud." Once iCloud is activated, slide the "Bookmarks" slider to the right to activate this feature.

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