How to Burn an Audio CD on Your Personal Computer

by James Clark

Burning an audio CD on a personal computer is a two-step process that involves getting the audio on the computer via a process called "ripping," then recording the content to a disc, which is commonly referred to as "burning" the CD. You'll need blank, recordable discs, prerecorded audio discs and a PC with a CD writer. The software to manage the CD drive should already be installed on the PC; no additional programs are necessary.

Place a prerecorded CD in the computer's media tray and close the tray. The software that manages the CD burner, such as Windows Media Player or iTunes on an Apple computer, should start automatically.

Click the "Rip" tab in Windows Media Player or "Import" in iTunes to copy the contents of the audio CD to the computer. A check mark will appear next to the tracks as each is copied onto the computer.

Remove the prerecorded CD and replace with a blank, recordable disc, then close the media tray.

Click the "Burn" tab in Windows Media Player or "New Playlist" in iTunes.

Click the "Music Library" tab to open a folder containing all the audio files on the computer, then select the tracks for burning to CD by clicking and holding the left mouse button. Drag each track to the "Burn" or "New Playlist" field.


  • Rearrange tracks in the "Burn" or "Playlist" field to create a music mix by dragging the titles with the mouse into any sequence desired.

Items you will need

  • Blank CDs
  • Prerecorded audio discs

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