Buying Cleaning Spray for Electronics

by David Lipscomb
Cleaning sprays designed for electronics keep the entertainment flowing.

Cleaning sprays designed for electronics keep the entertainment flowing.

You expect your quality electronics to operate without a hitch every time you turn them on. However, this does not mean you can neglect them, allowing those devices to accumulate dust and grime. Choosing the right cleaning spray for your television, electronic components and their jacks and contacts ensures the reliability you anticipate.

Dusting Spray

Although you could spray an ammonia-based cleaner onto a clean rag and wipe down your gear, it's no guarantee the finish on your equipment as well as any silkscreened lettering will stand up to that over time. Additionally, spraying any liquid directly onto a piece of equipment risks a short circuit. Sprays specifically designed for electronics employ anti-static elements to reduce small shocks from touching the device. These sprays also eliminate any waxes or other elements that might damage or cause unsightly buildup, while offering a gel-like consistency that resists flowing into cracks and vents.

Contact Cleaner

The gold and rhodium-plated contacts on your electronics are where important contact is made to RCA cables and headphone jacks. Over time when left neglected, these jacks build up a thin layer of oxidation in addition to normal airborne dust and film that needs removal. Contact cleaner is a thin, often red or clear fluid that quickly removes these contaminants without removing the plated finish. Contact cleaner is also suitable for cleaning AC power cord plugs and connections inside the component.

Screen Cleaner

Today's HDTVs normally have special coatings on the surface that prevent or eliminate glare from natural or artificial lighting sources. Ammonia or alcohol-based cleaners will quickly remove these coatings, or cause an uneven finish on the surface, affecting picture quality. Gel-based screen cleaners may be sprayed directly onto the surface without it running down the screen into the television. Teamed with a microfiber cloth, this cleaner is recommended for removing fingerprints and other grime without worry of damaging the set's screen.

Compressed Air

A staple of any home office or home theater, compressed air allows safe and touch-free cleaning of keyboards, cooling fans, video and sound cards as well as computer chassis and other devices incorporating hard-to-reach places. Compressed air cans must be used with caution around electronics, since inverting the can or holding it sideways sprays water and propellant instead of air. Properly used, this spray is a great first step in removing the bulk of loose dust and dirt that is impossible to wipe away.

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