The Best Cable Speed Test

by Steven Hill

When you purchase a cable-based broadband Internet connection, your ISP normally provides you with an estimated maximum speed for both your downstream and upstream bandwidth. To find out if you are getting what you paid for, you can check your cable Internet connection using free online speed tests. provides users with broadband Internet connections such as DSL and cable a benchmark speed test. Users begin by selecting a testing center closest to their location and then clicking "Begin Test." The test then performs a ping check, which tests the latency of your connection to your selected server. It then gives you downstream and upstream speeds measured in Mbps. From here, you can rate your ISP and compare your results to others. provides broadband connection speed tests. Users choose from testing centers based in one of eight major cities across the country, such as New York City and Los Angeles. Once selected, the benchmark automatically runs the test. It provides downstream and upstream speeds as measured in Mbps on the screen, and in Kbps in the bottom part of the screen. From there, users can choose to share their results across their favorite social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.


CNET provides users with a simplified speed test designed for high speed Internet. Rather than selecting a region such as a city, users select from a profile of locations including home, work, school and other. Once selected, the test checks the downstream speed and reports it in Kbps. Users can check this speed against the "Theoretical Maximums" graph lower on the page, such as that listed for "Cable" connections. Users can also compare their results with others who have taken the test.

In Comparison

What you consider the best speed test for your cable connection may differ based on what you want. If you want the most simple test that quickly reports your line speed, then you can go with the CNET test. If you want the most data from your test, then the benchmark offered at may meet your needs. If you live near a major urban center, then choosing the test offered through may meet your needs.

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