How to Calibrate a Logitech Joystick

by Daniel Hatter

For a Logitech joystick to work properly, you need to have the Logitech Profiler software installed to your computer. This software is included on a CD with Logitech joysticks and it can also be downloaded directly from the Logitech Support Web site. Included with the software are the drivers necessary for it to work and a calibration tool. If your Logitech joystick seems to have a calibration problem, such as delayed onscreen movement, use the Logitech Profiler software to calibrate your Logitech joystick.

Install the Logitech Profiler software if you haven't already. To do so, insert the CD that came with your Logitech Joystick and follow the onscreen prompts. Alternatively, you can download it from the Support page for your Logitech joystick (link in Resources).

Open the Start menu after the installation has finished, click "All Programs," scroll down to and click the "Logitech" item and then click on "Logitech Profiler." The software will open up on screen.

Click the "Calibration" option in the software menu and follow the onscreen prompts to calibrate your Logitech joystick. Once complete, launch the desired game and begin using your Logitech joystick.

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