How to Call-Forward With a Sprint Phone

by Fred Decker

In a perfect world, you'd have time to talk to everyone who calls you on your cell phone. Unfortunately, real-life calls often come at inconvenient times, or from inconvenient callers. They'll also come when you're in a meeting, when your phone is broken or charging, or when you're conserving your minutes. Call-forwarding is one way to deal with those situations. You can set your Sprint phone to forward all calls or only selected calls to a chosen number.

Unconditional Forwarding

Flip or slide your phone open, if necessary, or activate the dialing keypad on its touchscreen.

Press *72 on the keypad, then enter the phone number where your calls will be routed. Use the 10-digit format, including the area code. When you're finished, press "Talk" or "Send" on your phone.

Listen for the tone that signals call forwarding has been activated.

Disable call forwarding by pressing *720 on your phone's keypad. Press "Talk" or "Send" on your phone, and listen for the tones that signal it's been turned off.

Conditional Call Forwarding

Transfer calls when your line is busy, or when you don't answer, by pressing *28 on your keypad and then entering the 10-digit number for your forwarded calls. Press "Send" or "Talk," and listen for the tone that signals your calls are being forwarded. To disable, press *38 and then "Talk" or "Send."

Press *73 on your keypad and then the 10-digit phone number, to forward calls only when you don't answer your phone. Press "Talk" or "Send," and then listen for the tones that tell you your calls are forwarded. To disable this feature, press *730 and then "Talk" or "Send."

Forward your calls for a busy signal only, by pressing *74 on your keypad. Enter the 10-digit number and then press "Send" or "Talk" to activate the feature. Disable it by pressing *740, then "Talk" or "Send."


  • Sprint's website contains detailed tutorials demonstrating how to call-forward on a number of popular phones.


  • Be aware that Sprint charges a per-minute fee for unconditionally-forwarded calls, unless you have an unlimited service plan. As of September 2012, the fee was $0.20 per minute. Conditional forwarding is free.

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