Can You Add a Photo Album to Facebook Without Posting It?

by C. Taylor, studioD

Technically speaking, once you've created a photo album on Facebook, it's already posted. However, it doesn't have to be available for other users to view. Facebook gives you the option of changing the privacy settings on individual albums, so although the album is posted, only you can see it. When adding photos to the album, be sure you don't tag people in the photo, or the people tagged and their friends will have access to the photo.

Click "Add Photos/Video" from your Facebook home page.

Click "Create Photo Album" and select the photos you wish to add. Hold "Ctrl" when clicking to select multiple photos and click "Open" to upload them.

Edit the album by changing the title, adding a description, entering a location or selecting a date. Be careful not to tag anyone in the photos.

Click the "Audience Selector" menu at the bottom right, next to the Post Photos button.

Select "Only Me" to make the album private.

Click "Post Photos" to complete the private album.


  • When you're ready to make the album live, click the album, choose "Edit" and select your audience from the same Audience Selector menu.

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