Can You Block a Certain Person From Following You on Instagram?

by Andy Walton

Blocking other social network users can help you to stay safe online, allowing you to avoid contact with people who post offensive or threatening content. Instagram's Block function lets you prevent specific users from seeing your photos or searching for your Instagram profile page. To maintain your privacy, the other parties are not given any notification that you have blocked them. However, bear in mind that users you have blocked are still able to see any comments or “likes” that you post on the walls of mutual friends.

Open the Instagram app on your device.

Tap on the "Explore" icon, enter the name of the user you wish to block into the search box, and then tap “Search.”

Open the user's profile by selecting it from the search list.

Tap the arrow in the upper-right corner of the profile, and then select “Block User.” Click “Yes, I'm Sure” on the confirmation screen.


  • By default, all users can see your Instagram content unless blocked by you. You can change this by turning on Private Posts. Using this feature means that only approved followers can view your content.


  • Blocking does not prevent users from “mentioning” your username elsewhere on Instagram. You can avoid this by changing your screen name.
  • Blocking does not automatically remove any comments or "likes" made by users on your photos or videos. However, you can remove them manually.

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