Can You Make an MP3 Disc With Songs Purchased on iTunes?

by Josh Fredman

It's quite easy to make an MP3 disc with songs purchased on iTunes, although not very intuitive. Here are the steps you will need to convert your existing iTunes music, whether it is copy-protected or not, into MP3 format.

Set Up iTunes for MP3 Encoding

First, you'll have to make sure that iTunes is set up to create files in the MP3 format. On the "Menu" bar, select "Edit," then "Preferences." In the "Preferences" window, under the "General" tab, click "Import Settings." In this window, there will be a pop-up menu labeled "Import Using." Click this and select the MP3 format. Click "OK" to save your settings.

Make an MP3 Disc With Unlimited-Use Songs

If your songs do not have copy protection, simply select the files you want to convert to MP3, right-click anywhere on the selection, and choose "Create MP3 Version." You can then move these files onto a data CD or any MP3 player.

Make an MP3 Disc with Copy-Protected Songs

While iTunes makes it difficult for you to convert songs that have copy protection, you can get around it by first burning the songs that you want to convert into MP3 format onto an audio CD. Put an unused CD into your drive and click "Burn Disc" at the bottom corner of the iTunes window. For the output format, select "Audio CD." Once you have burned the CD, import the songs from the CD back into your iTunes library. Then you can right-click on these files and repeat the procedure from Section 2, choosing "Create MP3 Version." From there, you can make a disc of MP3 songs.


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