Can I Be Notified When Someone Likes My Facebook Business Page?

by Carolyn Luck

As a Facebook page admin, knowing when and how people interact with your page is important. It enables you to respond to inquiries and requests, making people who like your page feel important. There are a number of ways to be notified when someone likes your Facebook business page. It’s up to you to set your notification preferences.

Managing Notifications

Page admins see pages differently from nonadmins. Your page display includes an admin panel at the top of the page, which you can use to change page appearance, build page audience and edit page settings. To manage page notifications, click the “Edit Page” button and select the “Manage Notifications” option from the drop-down list. On the resulting page, select your notification preferences and “Save Changes.” You can make changes to your preferences at any time using the same procedure.

Page Admin Panel

The “Notifications” section of your page admin panel includes a snapshot view of recent page activity, including likes, messages and Timeline posts. Click the “See All” link in the upper right corner of this section to see a full list of all page activity. There is also an option to subscribe to page activity through an RSS feed using an available application.

Onsite Notifications

Onsite notifications appear in the upper left corner of any page when logged in to your personal Facebook account. When you have new activity, a red bubble appears over the globe-shaped icon with a digit representing your total number of notifications. Be advised, this may represent both personal account and page activity. You can opt to receive onsite notifications when people like, comment on, send messages or post to your page. Click on the red bubble to open a drop-down list of alerts that you can open to take action on.

Email Notifications

When turned on, email notifications are sent to the email address you use to log in to your personal Facebook account. As with onsite notifications, these alerts may pertain to personal account activity as well as page activity. Although email notifications are not available for page likes, you can opt to receive email notifications when people post to, comment on or message your page.

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