Can I Place a Banner in My Signature in Yahoo Mail?

by Kevin Lee

While other people add text signatures to their Yahoo email messages, you can make yours memorable using image banners. After you create a banner, you can use a simple trick to make it appear at the bottom of every Yahoo email you send. You can even add optional text below your banner if you'd like to tell email recipients how you got a banner into your Yahoo signature.

Yahoo Image Signatures

The Banner that you add to your Yahoo signature must reside on the Internet. That's because Yahoo does not embed graphic images in signatures people create. By uploading your banner to an image-hosting site such as ImageShack or Photobucket, you make it possible for email recipients to view your banner when they open your Yahoo messages. After you upload your banner to a hosting site, copy the URL the site gives you. You'll need that to add the banner to your signature.

Finding the Signature Page

You'll need to use Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer to get an image from a Web page into a Yahoo signature. After you launch one of those browsers and upload your banner to a hosting site, right-click the image and select "Copy" or "Copy Image" from the context menu that appears. The actual name you see depends on the browser you use. That name is "Copy Image" if you use Firefox. You can then log in to your Yahoo email account, click the "Options" icon shaped like a gear followed and then click "Mail Options." After you click "Signature," you'll see an edit box you can use to compose a signature.

Embedding a Banner

The signature page's edit box allows you to type text into it if you'd like text to appear with your banner. When you're ready to paste the banner, right-click a location in the box where you want it to appear and select "Paste." Windows pastes the image into the box. If you don't see the banner, click the drop-down box below the words "Append a signature to the emails you send" and select "Show a rich text signature." You can then paste the banner image into your signature and click "Save."


Test your new banner signature by composing a new Yahoo message and sending it to yourself. When you open it, you'll see the banner at the bottom of the message along with any optional text you added to the signature. You could also add someone else's banner to your signature. If you see an interesting banner on a Web page or blog, copy the banner and paste it into your signature. If you do this, remember that the banner may disappear if the banner's owner ever deletes the banner from the Web.

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