Can You Play Minecraft Beta on Google Chrome?

by David Nield
The demo version of Minecraft runs in most modern browsers.

The demo version of Minecraft runs in most modern browsers.

Minecraft is a world-building game that has gone through several versions and beta releases since development began in 2009. There's no beta currently available, but the most recent demo version of the title can be played through a Web browser such as Google Chrome, provided you sign up for a free Mojang account.

Signing Up

Open the official Minecraft website and follow the "Register" link to sign up for a Mojang account in order to play the game. You'll be prompted for an email address and password that you can use to log in in the future. A Mojang account enables you to play the demo of Minecraft for free and to purchase the full game as a download. Once your email address has been verified you can play the game in Google Chrome.

Launching the Game

On the Minecraft website front page click "In browser" link under the Play Minecraft heading and enter your Mojang account details if prompted. Click through any security warnings or prompts in order to enable the game code to run in your Web browser. Use the "Options" button to configure the game as you'd like and then choose "Play Demo World" to get started. The demo lasts for five Minecraft days -- around 1 hour 40 minutes of playing time.

How to Play

Move around the Minecraft world using the "W," "A," "S" and "D" keys. Move the mouse to look around you, and press "Space" to jump. Pressing "E" opens your inventory. Left-click on an object to interact with it -- try repeatedly punching a tree, for example, to get your first blocks of wood so that you can begin building. There are many different ways to explore and play Minecraft, and for further instructions and help playing the game you can consult the tutorial videos available on the Minecraft website. If you experience problems running the game within Google Chrome, make sure you are running the most recent version of the browser and close down any other open tabs while playing Minecraft.

Download Version

Follow the "buy the full version" link from the demo page, or any of the other "Buy Now" links on the Minecraft website to purchase the full game. The game can then be installed using the download package available from the official Minecraft website. Downloads are available for Windows, Mac and Linux machines. Xbox, Android and iOS versions of the game have also been released.


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