Can Revealer Keylogger Just Pop Up on the Computer?

by Dan Stone

Logixoft's Revealer Keylogger is a computer-monitoring program that must be formally installed on a computer for use -- it can't just pop up without reason. If Revealer Keylogger is running on a computer, it was either intentionally or accidentally installed by a user. Malicious keyloggers can be installed without user consent through malware and viruses, but commercial programs do not infiltrate computers this way.

What Keyloggers Are

According to PC Magazine, a keylogger is a computer program or hardware device that captures every keyboard key press and stores it in a reference file. Whoever installed the keylogger can view the program's reference file after someone has used the computer and see every text character that person typed into the keyboard to get an idea of what the user was doing when using the computer. According to Logixoft, Revealer Keylogger can be configured to automatically send the reference file to another device through email, FTP or LAN. Software-based keyloggers can be installed on a computer deliberately by a computer user by exploiting a system security hole and tricking the user into installing the program alongside another program.

Legitimate Revealer Keylogger Uses

Malware-based keyloggers are designed to steal personal information from a computer user; however, Revealer Keylogger is a commercial program that's intended for a computer owner to monitor what other people are doing on his or her computer. Employers may install Revealer Keylogger on business-owned computers to track employee activities to make sure the employees are using the computers for work and are obeying company policies. PCWorld recommends that concerned parents use keylogger programs to record and check on children's computer use. According to Logixoft, Revealer Keylogger is certified to be free of viruses and other malware: the only person receiving the reference file is the person who installed the program.

Ethical Revealer Keylogger Concerns

While Revealer Keylogger is designed for a computer owner to monitor his or her own computers, there is nothing stopping someone from using Revealer Keylogger to spy on someone else's computer or steal personal information. Revealer Keylogger will record anything that's typed into the keyboard -- even content that's deleted and never entered into a program, including things like instant messaging conversations, emails, and account passwords and forward those along to the program installer. Additionally, the program has no visible indicators that it's running: Revealer Keylogger runs in "invisible mode" which means anyone using the computer will have no idea it's running.

Someone Is Watching You

If you find Revealer Keylogger installed on your computer it means someone is watching you. The installation process requires setting up the computer to allow Revealer Keylogger to stay on the system, making it unlikely the program was accidentally installed. Anti-virus programs may identify Revealer Keylogger as a malicious program and block the installation. In order to get Revealer Keylogger to run on the system, the anti-virus program has to be disabled during the installation and then configured to exclude Keylogger from scans -- making it unlikely the program was installed accidentally.

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