Can You Tag Friends in a Facebook Album?

by Adam Brown

With Facebook, you can share memorable moments of your life with friends and relatives through photos. Unlike status updates or comments, a photo gives your Facebook friends something to which they can visually relate. Due to the increasing amount of photos being uploaded within its network, Facebook has enabled users to group their photo collection into albums for easier navigation. Another function of Facebook is the ability to tag your friends in uploaded photos. You can still tag your friends in a photo, even if it has already been assigned to an album.

Sign in to your Facebook account and click on your name to access your profile.

Click "Photos."

Select the "Albums" tab and click on the specific album you want to tag someone in.

Hover your mouse pointer over the photo you wish to tag and click it.

Select "Tag Photo" from the pop-up window.

Move your mouse pointer to the person or object you want to tag and perform a left click.

Start typing the name of the person you are tagging and select him from the drop-down menu when he appears. Perform this method for any other friends you want to tag.

Click "Done Tagging."

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