Can You Upload Pictures Off the LG Cosmo?

by Terry Parker

Pictures can be uploaded to the computer from the LG Cosmos phone as long as those pictures are not DRM-protected. For example, if you have taken pictures on the phone, you can upload these photos to a computer.

Connect the LG Cosmos to the computer with the supplied USB cable.

Click the Windows Start button and then click the “My Computer” icon. You will see the “LG Cosmos” listed as a drive under “Removable Devices.”

Click the “LG Cosmos” icon. Note that the name of the device may vary. The device opens and displays a series of folders in the left navigation pane of Windows Explorer.

Click the “Pictures” folder. You may need to search inside other folders to find the “Pictures” folder.

Hold the “Ctrl” key and click on each picture to copy to the computer.

Right-click on one of the highlighted files and click “Copy.”

Navigate to a location on the computer where the files will be saved.

Right-click inside the selected receiving folder and click “Paste.” The pictures are uploaded to the selected directory on the computer.


  • Information in this article applies to Windows 7. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.

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