Can You Use an HDMI Cable With an iPod Touch?

by Jason Artman

The iPod Touch is a powerful media player that can play audio and video content, run games and applications and browse the Web. The small size of the iPod Touch is a great benefit when you use the device outside your home, but at home you may like to view content on a larger screen. You can connect the iPod Touch to your television via an HDMI cable using an accessory called the Apple Digital AV Adapter.

Purchase the Apple Digital AV Adapter. This accessory interfaces with the iPod Touch via the dock connector and has ports for HDMI and power cables.

Connect the Apple Digital AV Adapter to the iPod Touch. The adapter has a connector that attaches to the dock connector on the bottom of the iPod Touch.

Connect the USB sync cable included with the iPod Touch to a wall charger. Connect the other end of the sync cable to the dock connector port on the Apple Digital AV Adapter. This keeps the battery of the iPod Touch charged while you view content on your television. If you prefer to run the iPod Touch on battery power, skip this step.

Connect the HDMI cable to your television and to the Apple Digital AV Adapter. After approximately 20 seconds, the television should display the same content shown on the screen of the iPod Touch. If this doesn't happen, you may need to use the television's remote control to switch to HDMI video input.

Adjust the television's video settings if necessary to match the aspect ratio of the iPod Touch. Look for a setting with a label such as "Auto Detect," which configures the television to adjust itself automatically according to the incoming video signal.


  • The Apple Digital AV Adapter is compatible with the fourth generation iPod Touch, the iPhone 4, the iPhone 4S and the second and third generation iPads.
  • The Apple Digital AV Adapter is designed to make a television "mirror" the display of the iPod Touch or another iOS device. This means that the television will generally show exactly what you see on the screen of your iPod Touch. However, some applications may display slightly different content on your television. For example, if you play streaming video content in the Safari Web browser, the television will display the video rather than the browser window.


  • Your television may not display the video output of your iPod Touch correctly if you connect it using multiple HDMI extension cables. If you experience video problems, connect the Apple Digital AV Adapter to the television using a single HDMI cable.

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