How to Capture Videos From a Camera to a Laptop

by Christina Shaffer

Whether you captured a home video on your digital camera or iPhone, you can transfer the file to your computer without having to install third-party software. Windows Live Photo Gallery is compatible with a variety of popular digital camera models, including the Canon PowerShot and the Nikon Coolpix, and allows you to upload the files directly to your PC. If the videos are stored on an iPhone, however, use Windows Explorer to transfer the videos. After you upload the videos, you can watch them on your laptop or share them online with friends or family members.

Using a Digital Camera

Turn on the digital camera, and set it to the Review mode.

Connect the digital camera to the computer using the device’s USB cable. Alternatively, you can remove the memory card from the camera and insert it in the card slot on the PC. The camera software will open automatically. If the software doesn’t launch, open it manually from the Start menu.

Click the “Import pictures and videos using Windows Live Photo Gallery” option in the AutoPlay window.

Check the box next to the “Review, organize and group items to import” option, and then click “Next.”

Scroll through the files saved on the camera, and select each video you want to transfer to the computer.

Click the “Import” button to transfer the selected video files. When the process is complete, the videos will appear Windows Live Photo Gallery and will save automatically to the My Pictures folder on the PC.

Using an iPhone

Connect the iPhone to the PC via the USB cable.

Select the “Open device to view files” option in the AutoPlay menu. The pictures and videos stored on the device will appear in the Windows Explorer window.

Scroll through files, and select each video you want to transfer to the computer. To choose multiple videos, hold down the CTRL button on the keyboard and select each file with the mouse.

Click and drag the selected video files to the Videos folder in the Windows Explorer navigation pane. The videos will be transferred to the PC and saved to the Videos folder automatically.

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