How to Change From an Adult Account to a Child Account On Xbox Live

by Matthew Burley

The Xbox 360 console can play games and movies, as well as access assorted online content through the Xbox Live network. While there is a lot of content available on the console for younger children, there are many options geared toward an older audience. Fortunately, you can configure the Xbox 360 to turn the account on the console from an adult account, with full access to all content, to a child account, with access to content you have specified.

Turn on your Xbox.

Navigate to the "My Xbox" menu, and then browse to "Family Settings."

Press "A" to open the menu.

Highlight the "On" option, then press "A" to select it.

Scroll to "Change Pass Code," then press "A" to select it.

Press "A" to select "Change Pass Code," then input your passcode. Re-enter the passcode to confirm it when prompted.

Scroll to "Done," and press "A" to select it.

Scroll to the aspect of the console you wish to restrict, then press "A." You can select "Ratings and Content," "Family Timer," "Xbox Live Access" or "Xbox Live Member Creation."

Select an option, and press "A."

Scroll to "Save and Exit," and press "A" to apply your settings.


  • "Ratings and Content" allows you to control the ratings on games and media your child can view on the Xbox.
  • "Family Timer" allows you to set a time the Xbox can or cannot be used.
  • "Xbox Live Access" allows you to set whether or not the Xbox Live service can be used.
  • "Xbox Live Membership Creation" allows you to specify whether your child can create additional accounts on the Xbox, thereby potentially circumventing the restrictions on their account.

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