How to Change Alarm Sounds on a Droid

by David Lipscomb

The Motorola Droid is a smartphone featuring all of the features one would expect in a modern portable device, such as a Web browser and music player. In addition to the advanced features of the Droid, one potentially essential feature is the alarm. This feature allows you to use the phone as an alarm clock, time events with the countdown timer and perform similar tasks. You can even add songs and sounds to your Droid and set them as your alarm's alert.

Accessing Alarm Settings

Touch the "Clock" widget on your home screen. Tap the "Alarm" tab next.

Adjust the day, date and time for the alarm. Scroll to the "Sound" section, then tap "Alarm Type."

Tap on "Melody." Click on the "Alarm Tone" option, then "My Files."

Swipe down to and tap the "Media" option. Tap the "Audio" option next. Navigate to the "Ringtones" option next.

Move to the song or sound from your file list that you wish to use as your new alarm. Tap on "OK," then "Save" to exit.

Adding New Alarm Sounds

Press the "Settings" option on your Droid's home screen.

Connect the small end of the USB cable included with your Droid into the matching port on your phone. Connect the other end to a free USB port on your computer or laptop.

Locate the music or sound files on your computer that you wish to use as alarm sounds on your Droid.

Locate the "Mount" option on your Droid screen. Look for the USB plug and play icon to appear on your computer's desktop.

Drag and drop each audio file on your computer from the folder in which they are located to the new USB root icon on your desktop. As you do so, these files are added to your Droid automatically.


  • It's easier to consolidate music and audio files into a single folder on your desktop prior to importing them to your Droid.

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