How to Change the Battery on an iPod Classic

by Jennifer Leighton

If your iPod Classic no longer holds a charge as long as it once did or experiences frequent power loss, your battery may be to blame. While you can hire a professional to replace your iPod Classic battery, you can do the job yourself with only a minimum amount of time and effort. iPod Classic batteries can be purchased online.

Depress the Play/Pause button, holding it until the iPod Classic has been placed on hold (a message will appear on-screen when the iPod Classic goes into hold mode.)

Place the iPod on a soft cloth with a non-scratching surface.

Place the guitar pick or other non-scratching tool into the housing of the iPod, creating an opening. A slight crack or hissing noise will indicate the case is opening.

Run the pick or non-scratching tool around the entire case, gently pulling the two halves of the case apart.

Remove the empty back of the shell from the iPod and place the other half (the half housing the internal components) on the soft cloth with the internal components exposed to you.

Locate the battery inside the iPod Classic: The battery is round and is attached to the main circuit board on the iPod.

Unplug the battery currently in the iPod: Tug gently on the end of the connector attaching the battery to the circuit board.

Insert the new battery into the connector socket that held the old battery.

Re-attach the two halves of the iPod Classic, pressing gently until the case clicks together fully.


  • Charge your iPod Classic for at least four hours after you replace the battery. New batteries require a first charge of longer than usual duration. After the first charge, charge the iPod Classic as you normally do.
  • Some iPod Classic battery replacement kits come with non-scratching tools that help open the iPod case. Check to see exactly what your battery replacement kit is equipped with prior to purchase.


  • Do not use a sharp tool such as a knife to pry open the iPod Classic case. This may cause damage such as case scratching or even breakage.

Items you will need

  • iPod Classic replacement battery
  • Guitar pick or non-scratching tool

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