How to Change Display Resolution in Mac OSX

by Catherine Hewson

If your Mac's display seems to be a bit off, there's a good chance your display resolution settings need to be tweaked. Display resolution refers to the number of pixels that can be displayed on your Mac. You may need to adjust the display resolution if you are using a monitor or program that is incompatible with the current resolution. Changing the resolution merely requires going to the Mac's System Preferences section.

Click the "Apple" button on the top menu of your Mac.

Click the "System Preferences" menu option.

Click the "Displays" icon under "System Preferences."

Select the resolution you want under the "Resolutions" box. Note that the lower the resolution you choose, the bigger and less clear the display will generally be. The last resolution listed in the box is the default resolution. If you are not sure what resolution to choose, consult your user manual.

Click the "X" button to save the resolution.

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