How to Change My Homepage to Verizon Not Dogpile

by Brandy Alexander

The home page is the first website you see when you launch your Web browser; therefore, this page should be set to a site that you consistently use. If your current home page lands on the Dogpile search engine, you can change this setting using the tools in your chosen browser. Understand how to change your home page from Dogpile to Verizon to immediately access the wireless, residential and business services this broadband and telecommunication company offers.

Internet Explorer

Launch your Internet Explorer browser and bring up the Verizon website.

Click the "Tools" icon on the menu bar and then select "Internet options" from the drop-down list. This task automatically brings up the "Internet Options" dialog window.

Click the "General" tab at the top and then click the "Use current" button. This action changes the Dogpile website address to the Verizon URL in the text box above. Click the "OK" button at the bottom of the window to finish changing your home page.


Start your Firefox Web browser and go to the Verizon site.

Click the Verizon icon to the left of the address bar and then drag it to the "Home" button to the right of the search field.

Click the "Yes" button in the "Set Home Page" dialog that automatically displays. Your home page is now Verizon.


Open your Safari browser and load the Verizon website.

Click the "Preferences" button under the "Edit" menu and then click the "General" tab at the top of the window that appears.

Click the "Set to Current Page" button next to the "Home page" title. This task switches the current Dogpile URL to the Verizon website address.

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