How to Change the Password to an AT&T eWire Wireless Router

by Marissa Robert

2Wire is a wireless router and modem manufacturer believed sometimes to be called "eWire" because of the appearance of their logo. AT&T provides 2Wire's combination modem and wireless router to their customers to access broadband services. Changing the administrative password or the access password for the router is simple, whether you remember them or not. You should change them every so often to help keep your wireless network secure.

Changing the Router Password

Open a Web browser and enter "" into the address field. If you prefer, you can use, "" instead.

Click on the "System" tab to bring up your router's options. Click on the "System Password" link. If you already have a password, enter it in the window that pops up and press the "Submit" button. If you do not remember your password, click on the link that says, "I still can't remember my password," taking you to the "Reset System Password" screen.

Make sure the check box for the system password is enabled. Put your new password in the fields labeled "Enter New Password" and "Confirm New Password." Put a password hint in the field at the bottom to remind you if you forget, and press the "Save" button. If you are using the password reset screen instead of the "Edit System Password" screen, it is the same except you also need to enter the system key shown under the barcode on your router into the "System Key" field.

Changing the Network Access Password

Open a Web browser and enter "" into the address field. If you prefer, you can use, "" instead.

Enter your administrative password in the window that comes up. This is the password you entered when you initially set up your 2Wire router. Click on the tab that says "Home Network."

Click the link that says, "Wireless Settings," and change the option from the default network access key to a custom one. You can change it to a 64 bit hexadecimal access key with 10 digits 0-9, a-f or A-F or a 128 bit hexadecimal access key with the same limitations. If you have been using a custom access key, you can change it back to the default on this screen. The default key is shown on the bottom of the outside of the router.

Press the "Save" button when you are finished making changes to the page.

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