How to Change Wireless Settings on a D-Link Router

by C. Taylor

The wireless settings for your D-Link router are accessible via your Web browser by navigating to the D-Link router's setup utility. This utility contains both automated wizard and manual setup options. For maximum control, you should use the manual option. Changing your wireless settings is recommended when you do not have encryption enabled, your wireless password was leaked or hacked, you need to change security protocols or you want to disable broadcasting of your network name.

Connect an Ethernet cable from one of the numbered ports on your D-Link router to your computer's Ethernet port. Although you could use a wireless connection, once you make changes to the wireless settings, you would be logged out, so it is highly recommended to use a wired connection.

Open your Web browser and navigate to "" Enter "admin" as the username and leave the password blank during login. If you previously changed your login details, use the updated values.

Click "Wireless Settings" and choose the "Manual Wireless Network Setup" option.

Click the "Setup" tab to access and change wireless settings. Common settings are enabling wireless, choosing a network SSID name, making the network name invisible, selecting a security protocol and creating a passphrase. After making your preferred changes, click "Save Settings."


  • For maximum security, use WPA2 security with a long, complex passphrase. Disabling the broadcasting of the network name and changing that name from the default will also improve security by making most people unaware that your network even exists.

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