How to Check Cell Phone Messages From a Land Line

by Matthew Burley

A cell phone is a great option for keeping in touch with people at all times. However, to use your cell phone, you will need to subscribe to a monthly plan and it may offer only a limited number of minutes. Additionally, your cell phone is useless if the battery in the device runs low. If you have used your allotted minutes for the month, your battery is low or your cell phone isn't handy for whatever reason, another convenient option is available -- you can check your messages from any another phone, such as a land line.

Dial your cell phone number from a land line.

Press the "*" OR "#" button on the land line keypad when your voice mail greeting begins to play. The button you should press will vary, depending on your cellular service provider. You'll know that you have pressed the correct button when the greeting stops playing and you are prompted for your voice mail password.

Enter your voice mail password, followed by the "#" sign. Typically, your password is a four-digit number. If you do not know your password or it was never set, contact your cellular service provider. After the password has been entered correctly, your voice mail messages will begin to play.


  • Besides listening to your voice mail messages, you can perform maintenance actions from the land line as well, including saving and deleting messages. Listen to the prompts after a message has played for instructions on the actions you can perform.

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