A Comparison for the Speed of NetZero DSL

by Steven Hill

If NetZero is the top company on your list for a possible DSL subscription, consider comparing its services to those offered by other companies. These comparisons should be based not only on the speed of the service, but also on the price paid to receive that speed. Use both of these measures to make your final decision.

NetZero DSL Speeds

NetZero offers three different levels of DSL-based service, depending on your Internet access requirements. The first is DSL Saver. This tier offers 768Kbps for an introductory rate of about $10 for the first six months and $23 per month thereafter, as of June 2011. DSL Pro 50X is the second tier service, offering 3Mbps for $32 per month. The final and fastest tier, DSL Ultra 115X, offers speeds of up to 7.1Mbps at $44 per month. Availability of service tiers varies by area.

Charter Cable Internet

Charter offers several tiers of its Internet service for prices comparable to the tiers offered by NetZero. For $20 per month, Charter offers its lowest tier of service, Lite, with 1Mbps as of June 2011. This is faster and cheaper over the course of a year than NetZero's DSL Saver option. Charter's next tier, Express, offers 12Mbps for $30. This service is four times faster than NetZero's DSL Pro 50X and is cheaper. Plus, which is Charter's third tier of service, offers 18Mbps at $40, also cheaper and faster than NetZero's highest tier of service.

AT&T; DSL Internet

AT&T; offers DSL services comparable to NetZero's packages. They provide a total of four tiers of service. The first tier, Basic, offers 768Kbps for $15 per month for the first year, then $25 after that as of June 2011. This is comparable to NetZero's first tier. AT&T;'s second tier, Express, offers 1.5Mbps at $15 per month for the first year, then $33. This is slower than NetZero's second tier but $17 less. AT&T;'s third tier, Pro, offers 3Mbps at $15 per month for the first year, then $38. This matches NetZero's second tier and is $17 less. Finally, AT&T;'s fourth tier, Elite, offers 6Mbps at $20 per month for the first year, then $43. This is slower than NetZero's third tier but is $24 cheaper.

EarthLink DSL

EarthLink offers three tiers of DSL service comparable to NetZero's offerings. EarthLink makes an introductory offer of $15 per month for the first three months for all three tiers. Its first tier is 1.5Mbps, ranging from $30 to $40 after the introductory period, as of June 2011. This is faster but more expensive than NetZero's first time. EarthLink's second tier offers 3Mbps at $35 to $45. This is the same in speed as NetZero's second tier, but more expensive. EarthLink's third tier offers 6Mbps at $40 to $45. This is slower than NetZero's third tier but almost the same in price.

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