How to Find Your Computer's WEP Key

by C. Taylor

Wired Equivalent Privacy, or WEP, is an older security protocol used to protect your wireless network from unauthorized access. If you manually configure a wireless connection or you choose the "Connect Automatically" option when connecting to a WEP-secured network, the WEP key is saved on your computer. Even if you forget the security passphrase, your computer remembers it and connects to the network. However, you can also access this key to find the passphrase if you need it for other computers.

Click "Start," type "manage wireless networks" in the Search Programs and Files box and press "Enter."

Right-click your network from the list of wireless networks and select "Properties."

Click the "Security" tab.

Select the "Show Characters" check box and look in the "Network Security Key" field for the WEP passphrase.

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