How to Connect a DVD Stereo Amplifier to an HDTV Set

by David Lipscomb

Connecting home-theater components to a high-definition television has never been easier. The advent and adoption of the High Definition Multimedia Interface or HDMI allows a single cable to run between devices. HDMI cables are capable of carrying uncompressed audio rivaling the original master, and full HDTV resolutions. Now you don't need to memorize multiple color codes and cable names to connect your DVD player, satellite box and receiver; you just need to find an open HDMI port.

Examine the rear panels of the components you wish to connect. Locate the bank of ports labeled "HDMI IN."

Plug a single HDMI cable between your DVD player or Blu-ray device to the matching input on your receiver. Orient the cable to the port, matching the shape of the connectors.

Repeat the process for every other device you want to connect to your surround receiver. Generally, HDMI ports are labeled per device, but observing these labels is not critical.

Connect the final HDMI cable from the "HDMI OUT" port on your receiver. Connect the other end to a free HDMI port on the back of your HDTV.


  • Always use the shortest possible HDMI cable per device. In addition to reducing the cable bundle behind your rack, short HDMI cables are less expensive and less prone to signal loss.
  • Use a latching HDMI cable to secure it to a television featuring a vertical HDMI port. These locks prevent the cable from falling out due to gravity or vibration.


  • Never force an HDMI cable into a port. Doing so may damage the delicate internal connectors carrying the signal.

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  • HDMI cables

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